Asset Data Management for the Oil and Gas Industry


Asset Data Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

Asset Data Management for the Oil and Gas Industry
19 - 23 مايو 2024
Tokyo, اليابان

What are the Goals?

At the end of this Asset Data Management for Oil and Gas Industry training course, you:

  • Have insight into and awareness of Asset Data Management in projects and the operate & maintain phase of an asset
  • Understand the broader context of Asset Data Management, as part of an Asset Management Information System (AMIS)
  • Can set up an asset information strategy
  • Understand how asset data is being built with the application of Systems Engineering and RAMS
  • Understand the impact of a risk-based maintenance reference plan on asset data
  • Apply the best practices of Asset Data Management
  • Can set up an improvement plan for asset information

Who is this Training Course for?

This Asset Data Management for Oil and Gas Industry training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals who would like to get acquainted to Asset Data Management, but will greatly benefit: 

  • Asset managers
  • Asset & maintenance professionals
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers
  • Maintenance & reliability engineers
  • Maintenance managers

Daily Agenda

Day One: Asset Management

  • The business impact of Asset Management
  • The Asset Management triangle
  • Asset Management scope & definitions
  • ISO 55000 series: The international standard on Asset Management
  • Asset Management reference model – Good practice
  • Asset information & informed decision-making
  • How does Asset Data Management fit in Asset Management?

Day Two: Asset Management Information System (AMIS) 

  • Function of information management in all phases of the Asset Life Cycle
  • Asset information in projects vs operate & maintain
  • Enterprise-level functional requirements & business model based on Asset Management reference model
  • IT-systems overlay
  • System Architecture, dataflow, and interfaces
  • Asset information strategy
  • Information-gathering tools
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS)

Day Three: Systems Engineering & RAMS Approach 

  • Basic steps of Systems Engineering
  • V-model
  • Asset information requirements in the different phases
  • RAMS analysis
  • Asset information transfer from project to maintain
  • Store asset information in the CMMS/EAMS
  • Impact of recent developments like Building Information Model (BIM) and Digital Twins

Day Four: Risk Based Maintenance

  • Introduction to risk – From company values to risk management
  • The maintenance reference plan as a basis for your maintenance data
  • The 8 steps of Risk Based Maintenance strategy
  • Choosing the right maintenance task
  • Condition Based Maintenance (Predictive maintenance)
  • Spare parts
  • Decision support tools for optimization
  • Feeding the CMMS/EAMS

Day Five: Monitoring & Learning 

  • Configuration management
  • Change Control Board
  • Analyzing asset data – monitoring the right issues
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Asset Health Indicators
  • Dashboards
  • Improvement plan


الوقت والتاريخ
الأحد، 19 مايو 2024
البداية - 10:00 ص (Asia/Kuwait)
الخميس، 23 مايو 2024
النهاية - 10:00 ص (Asia/Kuwait)

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