Change Management and Building High Performing Teams


Change Management and Building High Performing Teams

Change Management and Building High Performing Teams
02 - 06 ديسمبر 2024
London, المملكة المتحدة
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Change Management and Building High Performing Teams


If we do not change, we die. Successful leadership is about managing change and developing high performing teams.

This training course will explore the essential skills and knowledge required for success in these vital areas. Only by developing your ideas together, as a team, can you lead people towards excellence and success. Our world-class facilitation will enable you to explore, learn and develop effective plans that are practical, robust and effective.


The Change Management and Building High Performing Teams training course is designed to be immersive, engaging and challenging. At the end of each day, participants will plan their next steps from their learning. A feature of this interactive training course is it will focus on the business needs of individual organization.


Participants attending Change Management and Building High Performing Teams training course will develop the following competencies:


·         Projecting confidence by understanding one’s own abilities

·         Effective communication to carry a persuasive message across to others

·         Building connections that allows you to influence others

·         Helping your team find creative solutions to workplace challenges

·         Leading successful innovation and change management


·         Understand the key drivers of change, both internal and external

·         Know how to implement change initiatives effectively

·         Enable your team to come to terms with change quickly and easily

·         Understand the core issues of motivation and the practical steps to take for effectiveness

·         Know how to build effective and high performing teams

·         Know your Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) Profile and what it means for you

·         Know and use the 5 core competencies of E.I

·         Know and use persuasive techniques and skills to influence and persuade even more effectively.


·         Senior and Department Mangers tasked with ensuring successful change management

·         Managers looking to build high performance teams

·         Team Leaders and Supervisors seeking to improve their change management skills and knowledge

·         Professional seeking a successful change formula to ensure future sustainability



Day 1: Overview of Change Management

·         Introductions and Objectives

·         What changes have you seen and what are the implications for us as leaders?

·         PESTLE Model

·         What should we do and consider when implementing change?

·         The Reactions to change

·         The Responses to change

·         The Change Curve

·         The 4 Stages of Learning

·         The Styles of Learning

·         Day 2: Managing Change Effectively

·         Why Change goes wrong

·         The Critical Success Factors

·         The Six Essentials of Change

·         Identify the reasons

·         Establishing the results required

·         Planning and Management

·         Involving Stakeholders

·         Monitor and Feedback

·         Structure and Support








Day 3: Motivation and Communication for Results

·         What is your role as a leader?

·         What are the essential skills of an effective leader?

·         What is motivation and why is it important?

·         The X/Y Manager

·         Video: 21st Century Motivation

·         The communication bridges

·         What can we do to build trust and collaboration with staff?

·         What are the areas of communication that we can enhance?

·         The communication ladders

Day 4: High Performing Teams and your Emotional Intelligence

·         What is a high performing Team?

·         The building Blocks of High Performance

·         The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

·         You E.I. Profile

·         The 5 Core Competencies of E.I.

·         Video: Empathy

·         What is Persuasion? What is Influencing? What is the difference?

·         Push and Pull communication

·         PROVE Model

·         The Six Key Persuaders

Day 5: The Skills of Leading Change Effectively

·         The Skills of Leading Change and High Performance

·         The behaviors that get results

·         Listening for Results!

·         Beyond Listening

·         The Ball Exercise

·         Risk it!

·         Action Planning


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الاثنين، 2 ديسمبر 2024
البداية - 6:00 ص (Europe/London)
الجمعة، 6 ديسمبر 2024
النهاية - 11:00 ص (Europe/London)

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