Success under Pressure


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Success under Pressure

Success under Pressure
27 - 31 مايو 2024
Istanbul, تركيا
Success under Pressure


This training course will provide an array of stress-busting strategies to help you overcome challenges that are weighing you down.  It offers interactive consultation to help you see opportunities rather than obstacles, get focused when overwhelmed, find energy when exhausted, and manage the situation to minimize stress from recurring, thus, improve your ability to engage win-win conversations.  The training course focuses on the core skills of Emotional Intelligence (‘EQ’) and emphasizes the importance of advanced communication skills as a strategy to reduce conflicts and enhance workplace performance.


Join this training course and you will:

·         Develop keen sense of self-awareness and effective self-regulation

·         Cultivate dynamic responsive behaviors that improve working relationship

·         Learn to recognize different behaviors and how best to influence them

·         Recognize the sources of personal stress and how to reduce them

·         Learn win-win negotiating conversations



The Success Under Pressure training course is designed to enable participants to:

·         Understand how to increase emotional intelligence (EQ) at work

·         Identify different behavioral styles, and learn to manage them

·         Communicate with greater confidence when conflict arises

·         Learn how to achieve win-win outcomes in negotiations

·         Gain insights into personal strengths and strategizes personal development

·         Recognize emotional triggers and manage own emotions

·         Acquire techniques to handle stress and cope with pressure



·         This training course is designed for managers and team leaders but will benefit any professional wishing to broaden and improve their skills in self-management, interpersonal influence, conflict-handling and negotiation

·         It will also help anyone moving into a leadership role to increase their personal impact and effectiveness


Day 1: Emotional Intelligence Awareness

·         Understand Emotional Intelligence key components

·         Perception impacts relationship

·         Assess your personal profile and preferences

·         Identify your strengths and areas for development

·         Personality driven motivations

·         Identify blind spot blocking personal success

Day 2: Managing Pressure and Stress

·         Understand pressure and stress

·         Symptoms of stress and its effects

·         Two sides of stress and options

·         Procrastination and time wasters

·         Managing emotional triggers

·         Motivating yourself and others under pressure

·         Relaxation techniques and therapeutic session

Day 3: Strategies for Conflict Resolution

·         Reasons for workplace conflict

·         Ineffective approaches to conflict resolution

·         Conflict management strategies

·         Techniques for resolving conflicts successfully

·         How to handle different conflict areas

·         Active listening for conflict resolution

·         Communication skills to resolve conflict

Day 4: The Art of Negotiation and Persuasion

·         What is negotiation?

·         Manipulation, persuasion and influence

·         Steps in win-win negotiation

·         Negotiation ploy and tactics

·         Collaborative bargaining

·         How to invent options for mutual gain

·         Personality styles of negotiators

Day 5: Successful Leadership Skills

·         Person of influence

·         Agile leadership skills

·         Innovative thinking for problem solving

·         Breaking through team barriers

·         Building trust with others

·         Helping your team prepare for change

·         Develop a personal action plan


تم إغلاق التسجيلات
الوقت والتاريخ
الاثنين، 27 مايو 2024
البداية - 9:00 ص (Europe/Istanbul)
الجمعة، 31 مايو 2024
النهاية - 2:00 م (Europe/Istanbul)

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