Surface Equipment Facilities


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Surface Equipment Facilities

Surface Equipment Facilities
09 - 13 يونيو 2024
Dubai, الإمارات العربية المتحدة
الإمارات العربية المتحدة

What are the Goals?

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main surface facilities equipment, different types, application, selection criteria, the instrument & control devices used, the protection & safety devices installed
  • Understand the working principles of each equipment
  • Describe the operating context to maximize the equipment reliability and mitigate failure
  • Describe the range of application of different types and categories
  • Be familiar with common faults and its remedies
  • Acquire knowledge on plant equipment operations and troubleshooting
  • Review the operational systems, checklists and procedures adopted for process plant equipment commissioning and startup
  • Anticipate and avoid all problems associated with oil and gas process plant equipment start-up/shutdown and operate process plants with safety as the prime consideration
  • Be fully aware with the equipment used to process and transport produced oil, gas, and water including separators, heater-treaters, tanks, gas dehydration and sour gas sweetening systems, equipment used to clarify produced water, pumps, compressors, and heat exchange equipment
  • Understand the effects of produced fluid compositions (oil/gas/water) on facility equipment selection and operation

Who is this Training Course for?

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Production Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Operation Staff
  • Technical Supervisory Staff

Daily Agenda

Day One: Overview of Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities 

  • Introduction
    • Production Fluid Properties and Hydrocarbon Properties
    • Qualitative phase behavior and reservoirs
    • Typical sales/disposal specifications
    • Different Process Facility Configurations
    • Flowlines, piping and gathering systems
    • Static Equipment
  • Separators
    • Principles of Separation
    • Separator Application
    • Separators Classification
    • Stage Separation
    • Separators Sizing
    • Separators Operation and Troubleshooting
  • Heat Exchangers and Coolers
    • Types of heat exchangers 
    • Basic concepts of heat exchangers construction
    • Operation and troubleshooting
  • Storage Tanks
    • General considerations
    • Design, selection, operation and troubleshooting

Day Two: Oil Treatment 

  • Oil Dehydration/Desalting
    • Emulsions
    • Emulsifying Agents
    • Emulsion Terminology
  • Treatment Equipment
    • Electrical Desalting of Crude Oils
    • Desalters
    • Heatertreaters (horizontal & vertical)
    • Electrostatic heatertreaters
    • Gumbarrels
    • Wash tanks

Day Three: Gas Conditioning and Processing 

  • Overview of Gas Conditioning and Processing
    • Gas composition and sales gas specifications
    • Gas Dehydration Systems
    • Gas Sweetening Systems
    • NGL Recovery and Fractionation
  • Distillation and Fractionation Towers
    • Trayed and Packed columns design and operation
    • Operating columns in fouling service
    • Tower operation and troubleshooting

Day Four: Rotating Equipment

  • Compressors
    • Gas compression system
    • General considerations
    • Compressor system design and selection
    • Operation and troubleshooting
  •  Pumps
    • General considerations
    • Pump system design, selection, operation and troubleshooting
    • Examples and Case Studies
  • Gas Turbines
    • General considerations
    • System design, selection, operation and troubleshooting

Day Five: Design and Operation of Flare System  

  • Safety implications and causes of overpressure
  • Overpressure protection principles
  • Swiss-cheese model
  • Relieving capacity determination
  • Selection and sizing of relieving devices
  • Flare types
  • Flare Design
  • Flare operation and controlling emissions
  • Zero flaring concept